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Wholesale VidBid is used by car dealers to solicit bids from wholesalers for trade-in vehicles. Dealers can use this app to capture pertinent information about the vehicle with videos, photos and options to show its condition. This condition report is then sent to wholesalers, allowing them to make an informed bid without physically seeing the car.

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Wholesale VidBid will transform your game overnight.

The Wholesale VidBid app accelerates the bidding process for a trader-in vehicle,
and it allows dealers to provide the best offer to consumers ready to trade in their vehicle.

Highest Bid Wins

The VidBid app keeps a running audit trail of bids, which allows general and sales managers to ensure the highest bid is always accepted.

Auction Timer

All vehicles now have an auction timer associated with each auction. Once the timer has reached zero, the highest bid will be sent directly to the seller.

Highest Bid Wins

The seller can accept, reject or counter the offer. If the seller counters, the buyer may counter, accept or reject. The winning bid is shown on completed auctions.

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