Take control of your reputation

Enhance your online reputation with real people in real videos and share them with your audience.

90% of consumers admit their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews.


The power of video and reputation management combined



Capture your customers’ positive reviews before they drive off the lot.


Publish testimonial videos automatically to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.


Experience improved SEO with Google’s new preference for video results.


Timing is everything

Why put your reputation entirely in the hands of others when you can control it yourself? With the XCITE LESA Dealer Video Suite App, catch your customer when they are feeling the most satisfied with their new purchase — before they drive off the lot!


Few people will remember to write a positive review after they leave the showroom, and even fewer will post a video review. The DVS app puts you in the driver’s seat of your dealer’s image. Easily shoot positive customer review videos and send them to potential leads or share them on your dealership’s social media channels.


Have you noticed lately that most Google searches return video results over text-based results? That’s because YouTube is now owned by Google, giving videos a shortcut to the front page of search results. Text-based results take months to organically reach top search positions, but LESA Video Testimonials drive your customer reviews to the front of the line.

Video made easy

90% of consumers admit their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews.

Learn from Joe the GM. With DVS, his sales team can shoot testimonial videos of every happy customer — any time, any place — and distribute to the dealer’s social media sites instantly! Contact XCITE LESA today for a free demo of our DVS App.



DVS automates and improves your customer testimonial and review workflow with these key features.


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